We are Ecoratio

Ecoratio is a specialist that solves problems that concrete element producers are facing during and after the production. Pinholes, corrosion, dust, sticking, discoloration and air bubbles? Thanks to Ecoratio’s research into the development of release agents, these problems belong to the past. Using one of Ecoratio’s specially developed release agents, the concrete elements will be of highest quality.

An additional advantage is that the release agents are made from environmentally friendly vegetable products without hazardous chemicals, that results in safe use without having health threats for the production workers.

release agent company


  • 我们的产品是环保的
  • 我们不使用影响健康的有害化学物质
  • 荷兰易科脱模剂对您的生产工艺影响最大
  • 荷兰易科确保更高的投资回报
  • 与竞争对手相比,产品更容易使用
  • 提供广泛的技术服务和最佳的用户体验。