We are Ecoratio

Ecoratio is a specialist that solves problems that concrete element producers are facing during and after the production. Pinholes, corrosion, dust, sticking, discoloration and air bubbles? Thanks to Ecoratio’s research into the development of release agents, these problems belong to the past. Using one of Ecoratio’s specially developed release agents, the concrete elements will be of highest quality.

An additional advantage is that the release agents are made from environmentally friendly vegetable products without hazardous chemicals, that results in safe use without having health threats for the production workers.



We believe in a sustainable future; a future in which production and consumption take place in a human friendly and environmentally friendly manner.


We aim to improve the world by doing business in such a way that our vision of a sustainable world becomes reality. We aim to bring this about through:

  • Belief in the good intentions of our products, our employees and our customers;
  • Hope for a better world, to be achieved in part through a sustainable contribution from our company;
  • Love for the Earth and everything that lives on it.
release agent company

What makes us unique

  • Our products are environmentally friendly;
  • We do not use harmful chemicals that can cause health problems;
  • Ecoratio’s release agent has the best influence on your production process;
  • Ecoratio ensures a higher return on investment;
  • The products are the easiest to use – compared to competitors;
  • Extensive service is offered to give you the best experience possible.