Spray solutions

Ecoratio custom designs and builds spray systems to spray moulds and boards for all possible concrete production methods. With our spray systems you can improve the quality of the concrete because of the optimal covering of the release agent in the moulds. In addition, the efficiency of the production process will be increased.

Spray systems Ecoratio

High quality concrete

Ecoratio’s custom-built spray systems help you save on product use, guarantees a more constant and higher quality of your concrete finish, speeds up your production cycle and results in healthier and safer working conditions. To meet specific needs we are able to provide custom-built spray systems.

With custom-built spray systems we can achieve a higher quality of concrete products because we can avoid any excessive covering of the release agent within the mould which in turn could lead to aesthetical problems as discoloration, surface voids and dusting.

Each spray system is individually designed for the specific formwork, needs and environmental conditions in which the spray system operates. It normally only takes a short time from design to a fully operational system. Whilst building the new spray system your production team can continue as usual with minimal to no delays.

Spray solution release agent

Benefits custom-built spray systems

Ecoratio’s goal is to provide you the best products to achieve the best quality. Ecoratio can offer you the following benefits to facilitate the production process with custom-built spray systems:

  • Reduces the cost of manual application;
  • Eliminates the inconsistency of manual application;
  • Increases the application efficiency;
  • Eliminates waste product;
    – which contributes to obligatory certification and sustainable enterprising
    – which reduces costs of removing industrial contaminated waste
  • Reduces the amount of release agent consumption;
  • Improves the health and safety conditions in the factory.

Our technical team trains your factory workers on all aspects of the spray system; how it works, what to do in an event of a breakdown, nozzle blockage, general maintenance and cleaning.

Spray solution release agent


Our custom-built spray systems can improve the overall quality of your elements and will benefit the production process. It is more efficient, reduces costs and makes the working environment healthier and safer for you and your employees.

You are more than a customer. We are your partner in high quality concrete elements!