Our solution

Our solution for asphalt helps remove bitumen residue and prevent bitumen sticking to the surface of the truck or any other equipment. Cleaning will take approximately 50% less time for each cleaning cycle and re-application of Tarmapro will be reduced in comparison to conventional products.

Independent research has shown that we have achieved the demand to develop environmentally friendly replacement for the frequently used diesel oil, as we now have developed two specially designed products, the Tarmapro 3000 (cleaner) and the Tarmapro 3250 (anti-adhesive) as very good alternatives to the traditionally used products. At a time when many projects are under pressure due to stricter regulations by contractors and governments, Tarmapro brings you a perfect product that contributes directly to healthier working conditions and a better environment.

Asphalt truck

Benefits asphalt cleaner and protector

  • It does not contain any solvents;
  • It does not evaporate, which results in a longer effect;
  • It does not give off harmful fumes when used;
  • It is highly biodegradable;
  • It has a lubricating effect on machinery and tools;
  • It is easy to apply;


We want to help you to protect your machinery and to keep it clean.
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Other applications

Tunnel Segments

Railway Sleepers

Constructive elements

Pipe Segments

Paving/Pressed blocks

Construction Sites

Horizontal casting

Hollow Core


Surface retarder