Sticking hotmelt

We have the solution for sticking hotmelt

Using hotmelt on your concrete can cause issues during removal. In many cases the hot melt leaves residue on the surface, giving an affected appearance.  This results in inequal concrete and influences the production process with increased cleaning time.

We can offer you a solution for sticking hotmelt that leaves unwanted residue. Ecoratio’s easy to apply hotmelt can be easily removed without residue, despite its strong bond effect. The hotmelt is suitable for all commonly used materials and works perfectly in combination with Ecoratio’s release agents for all applications. After using and the removal of the hotmelt, the cleaning time is reduced.

Use of hotmelt on concrete


  • 适用于各种热熔涂胶机
  • 适用于涂油模具和非涂油模具 我们的脱模剂
  •  组件坚固且易于拆卸
  • 无需特殊的化学处理和储存;
  • 无需化学专用工作装置;
  • 对皮肤无刺激性。