Protect human health, safety.

As an organization, who is involved on a daily basis to protect human health, safety and the environment, we are deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine. Therefore we would like to make our contribution and support to the emergency aid to Ukraine.

We therefore decided to contribute to Giro 555. This is a national campaign set up by eleven aid organizations, including the Red Cross, to provide emergency aid to people in and around Ukraine.

In addition to our thoughts who are with the people in Ukraine, our thoughts also go out to the people in Russia who oppose the current Putin regime, at the risk of their lives. These people are also just as victims of the situation.

With the standards and values ​​that we apply within the organization we strongly distance ourselves from all forms of violence or exploitation.

This brings us to the question we already received from the market whether we have ties with Russian companies. We can answer this with confidence, we have no connections with companies that fall under the Russian regime.

For questions about the position of our organization or other questions related to this theme,
you can contact us by using the following email address: