Surface Voids

We offer suitable solutions for surface voids that affect your concrete

One of the main problems of concrete are the surface voids that affect the surface of the concrete elements. Surface voids are small holes in the form of pinholes and air bubbles that has negative influence on the aesthetic quality of the finished concrete.

We can offer you the concrete release agent that gives the best end result, eliminating the occurrence of surface voids. Choose the suitable application to prevent surface voids like air bubbles and pinholes on your concrete element.

What causes surface voids?

  • Entrapped air
    Air does not mix with water and is not able to get out of the concrete mix
  • Improper use of release agent
    When concrete release agent is not applied properly, the lower end of moulds fill with puddles of oil that causes holes
  • Excess water in the concrete mix
    The same occurs when water is trapped in the concrete moulds

Questions about surface voids?

We want to help you with the prevention of surface voids in your concrete elements.
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