Sticking polystyrene

We have the solution for sticking polystyrene

Eliminate the use of dangerous solvents and flames to remove stubborn beads of polystyrene residue from precast elements. We can offer you our people and planet friendly polystyrene remover.

Our polystyrene remover forms a highly visible barrier between the concrete and the polystyrene. It removes the polystyrene from the precast panels quickly without any stubborn polystyrene beads left on the panels.

sticking polystyrene

Benefits Polystyrene Remover

  • No need for taping the polystyrene;
  • Extremely long shelf life;
  • Quick drying;
  • Easy to apply with sponge, brush, roller or spray;
  • Highly visible on polystyrene for ease of application;
  • No residue on concrete;
  • Can enable re-use of polystyrene.