Sticking concrete

How to keep concrete from sticking to metal forms?

Concrete that keeps sticking to your forms and moulds has influence on the quality and can damage the concrete surface. A sufficient concrete release agent is needed to simplify the demoulding without leaving concrete residues on the moulds. However, there are more causes that results in sticking concrete.

It is one of the main problems in the industry, but we can help you to prevent concrete sticking to your metal forms and moulds!

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prevent sticking concrete

What causes sticking concrete?

  • Wrong type of release agent 
    With the use of a wrong type of release agent the concrete might not be released in the best way. It causes also other problems, like surface voids and dusting concrete.
  • Wrong vibrations
    With wrong vibrations of the concrete results in the wear and tear of the release agent that makes concrete stick to the moulds.
  • Inefficient pouring process
    When the concrete is poured at one spot in the mould the release agent will also wear and tear.
  • Improper curing process
    Due to improper curing the concrete is too wet resulting in the vacuum phenomenon that causes damaged concrete.

Questions about sticking concrete?

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