Plotter paint

plotterpaint failed

We have the solution for plotter paint drift

Are you experiencing inaccurate marking due to unevenly distributed plotter paint? We can solve your problems concerning the plotter paint drift.

With Ecoratio’s plotter paint sharp and thin lines are ensured for accurate mould preparation marking. The plotter paint does not cause corrosion, cause problems in the production process nor affect concrete and is applicable on every mould.


Additional benefits Ecoratio’s plotter paint

  • Does not cause corrosion;
  • Does not cause nozzle blockage or feed lines;
  • Will not retard concrete;
  • Works perfect on both non-oiled and moulds oiled with our release agent;
  • No chemical specific handling and storage necessary;
  • No chemical specific work gear necessary;
  • Non-irritant to skin;
  • Environmental friendly.