We offer suitable solutions for corrosion on your moulds

Do you experience inconveniences with corrosion that affect your moulds and concrete? Ecoratio offers solutions that improves the demoulding process and prevents the occurrence of corrosion. Corrosion on moulds has negative influence on concrete elements, decreasing the strength of the surface.

With our knowledge we have developed concrete release agents that can help you to prevent corrosion that affects your moulds. Choose the suitable application to prevent problems regarding corrosion.

Corrosion on moulds concrete production

What causes corrosion?

  • Chemicals in materials
    Some chemicals used in concrete can affect the surface of the moulds when not cleaned properly
  • Ignoring initial corrosion
    In most cases, corroding is ingnored and continues affecting the overall production proces, resulting in bad quality concrete
  • Low quality moulds
    The material of the mould can also speed up corrosion. Aluminum or stainless steel moulds are recommended.

Questions about corrosion on moulds?

We want to help you with your problems that occur during the concrete production.
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