Concrete stains

Our solution for concrete stains

Having trouble with non-uniform colours in your concrete surfaces? Discolouration on precast concrete influences the aesthetical quality of your concrete elements. We understand the desire of uniform concrete surfaces with no concrete stains. Are caused by several variables. Let us help you prevent inconveniences of concrete stains.

discolouration concrete stains



What causes concrete stains

  • The use of materials
    Raw materials of low quality used in the concrete mix is can cause discolouration
  • Water
    When water is added and mixed incorrect, concrete stains will occur in the surface.
  • Calcium chloride
    Calcium chloride causes dark spots on concrete surfaces. This in combination with incorrect mixing cause severe discolouration.
  • Too much release agent
    Overuse of release agent causes concrete stains.

How Ecoratio helps with discolouration

Ecoratio can help you with preventing concrete stains by providing the most effective concrete release agent.
In combination with an adequate spray system, concrete stains will no langer cause any problems.

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Choose an application for a suitable solution for your discolouration

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