Concrete mixers

We have the solution for affected concrete mixers

Concrete mixers are in need of good protection against corrosion and concrete residue that can cause damage to the mixers. We have the solution that keep the concrete mixers in the best condition.

To achieve this, Ecoratio developed a cleaning product made from vegetable oil to clean concrete residue efficiently. Using this protector with long-lasting effect, mixers and hoppers are protected and the cleaning time is reduced due to the minimal amount of concrete build up.

Using the mixer protector extends the service life of your plant and equipment and is even applicable on wet surfaces due to its innovative composition.

mixer protector

Additional benefits mixer protector

  • Eliminates the use of a hammer or vibration when cleaning;
  • Suitable for applying on both dry and wet surfaces;
  • Suitable for all types of mixers;
  • No chemical specific handling and storage necessary;
  • No chemical specific work gear necessary;
  • Non-irritant to skin;
  • Environmental friendly.