Concrete dust

We offer suitable solutions for concrete dust on your moulds

During the production of concrete it is possible that concrete dust occurs. This has the result that the concrete finish and the moulds are covered with this dust. Petrified dust can cause inequalities on the concrete and affect the moulds.

Ecoratio can provide you the concrete release agent that prevents dusting concrete. Concrete dusting can occur on every concrete application and we want to share our knowledge to assist you in this problem.

Dusting concrete

What causes concrete dusting?

When the concrete surface is weak, the chance of dusting will be increased. There are several causes that affect the concrete surface and making it weak:

  • Insufficient curing of the concrete in the forms and moulds;
  • Low quality materials in the concrete mix;
  • Carbonation caused by O2 and H2O exposure;
  • Wrong application of release agent.

Questions about concrete dust?

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