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Our solution

Our solution for tunnel segments helps remove surface voids and oil staining from the surface of the concrete. Even from complex shapes and geometries like tunnel segments, we can ensure clean and easy removal of the segments.

Bad working conditions now belong in the past and the whole working environment will be improved. Using our release agent for your tunnel projects ensures smooth surfaces without the use of hazardous chemicals.

The release agent for tunnel segments contain a highly effective anti-corrosive formula to expand the life span of your working tools. We only use natural products for our release agents that are safe for you, your workers and the environment. Another important benefit is that this release agent has been developed to remove surface voids and oil staining by minimizing the use excessive use of release agent.

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Benefits release agent tunnel segments

  • Suitable for all types of moulds – even with complex dimensions;
  • Reduced cleaning time;
  • Anti-Corrosive properties;
  • Environmentally friendly products;
  • No remaining residues;
  • Suitable when using high curing temperatures.


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