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Our solution

Our solution for surface retarders allows you to achieve the desired concrete surface. With our range of retarders you will always get the desired washing depth.

Our range of Retarders are produced in four types: a paste, a gel, a liquid and a wax.
These different types of retarders are all easy to apply and can be used for many various applications. All types remain washable up to 72 hours after demoulding the element.

The exposed aggregate surface is functional for both decorative and structural key for a second pour.

Applying retarder

Benefits Betopro Surface retarders

  • Remain active & can be washed off up to 72 hours after demoulding the element;
  • Provides a good adhesion of concrete that is poured at a later stage;
  • Suitable for exposed concrete;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Solvent free;


We want to help you to protect your machinery and to keep it clean.
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Other applications

Tunnel Segments

Railway Sleepers

Constructive elements

Pipe Segments

Paving/Pressed blocks

Construction Sites

Horizontal casting

Hollow Core


Surface retarder