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With our solution for hollow core applications we can assist you in removing persistent problems as oil staining and surface voids from hollow core soffit and edge details.

The release agent we have developed for hollow-core concrete ensures a reduce of the oil particulates in the waste water separation process. Besides, no puddles will occur during the production process resulting in a smooth and clean surface. This release agent is developed for all types of compaction and causes an easy and clean removal from the mould.


Benefits release agent for hollow core applications:

  • Award winning anti-corrosive formula, reducing the chance of corrosion on moulds;
  • The release agent is suitable for all type of moulds;
  • No need for cleaning after application;
  • Chemical specific work gear not necessary;
  • The emulsion is non-irritant to skin due to its environmentally friendly materials.

Hollow core


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Hollow Core


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